This is so pathetic on so many levels that I can’t even begin.

This F%^&&KIng morons who are concerned that out of province people are carrying the virus to THEM is pathetic Enough but the Premier’s reaction is so ridiculous it should disqualify him from ever opening his mouth again.

This province ( BC) has had under 200 deaths in 6 months and have had a little uptick in cases in 2 small places which as we know at this level shoe 50% false positives…200 deaths “with covid” …so what ? out of 5 million people !

In BC a LOT more young people have died in this period from Legal Drugs…its a huge problem in Vancouver.

Maybe they need to focus there.

I am beginning to see a way out here…let these assholes be first in line for the gates vaccine …that will eliminate most of the morons and we can get on with life


From Daryl