This article based on CDC analysis sums up what I have believed from the start of this Virus Panic.

Here are my calculations based on the CDC flu statistics in the USA this year and the Covid-19 information.

In the USA this year

-220,000 people tested positive for the Flu ( Influenza A and Influenza B)

-22,000 of them Died from the Flu

– That’s about 10% of those tested that have died.

Yikes 10% …At worst Corona Virus comes in a 6% Deaths ( Italy)

But hold on a minute.

How many actually get tested for the Flu as opposed to how Many actually GET the Flu ?

Well the CDC estimates 36 MILLION got the Flu in the USA THIS Season ….10% of the total population !

So what is the true % of Flu cases that end up in death ?

22,000 / 36,000,000 = .06% or about 1 out of every 1800 flu cases results in death.

(Usually in older people with pre existing conditions which were destined to cause their death sooner rather than later.)


So if we extrapolate this to the current numbers in the USA from Corona Virus .

-4600 cases and 85 deaths AS OF TODAY MARCH 16 2020

Thats 2% of the detected cases have died .

If that is the kill rate..that is serious for sure …A DISEASE THAT KILLS 2% IS A HORROR STORY.

BUT now go back and look at the flu confirmed cases vs the flu total cases :

-220,000 out of 36,000,000 were confirmed by lab tests to have the flu virus ( either A or B)

-Thats .6% ( ie less than 1% of the cases were tested for and confirmed)

-The other 99%+ of flu cases were sick and got better ( like we all have done) without being tested…..

Lets conservatively use 1% (rather than .6%) and apply it to the Covid-19 statistics so far.

This implies that there are 100 unconfirmed cases for every 1 confirmed case

Extrapolate that to this present virus “epidemic” and we get 4600 cases X 100 = 460,000 cases in the US Population at this point in time…with 85 deaths….

– 85 / 460,000 = approx .02% Death rate

The average age of which is 80 years old.


In summary The Flu kills .06% ( 1 in 1800 ) of the people who get it.

The Covid-19 kills .02% ( 1 in 5400 ) and that is using a liberal 1% detection rate .

Feel free to check my math my head hurts.

If It its correct… It looks like We have completely shut down the Whole World and likely triggered a great depression for a virus that is less Morbid than the common flu…by a factor of 3X

How many will suffer from this gross over reaction ?

How much Misery and How many Millions of deaths will result from this gross miscalculation ?

And worst of all How many rolls of toilet paper will go unused .

Holey Molars !

Won’t somebody just do the F$^king Math ?


And Another Thing !

Here in Ontario Canada our Public Health Dept has a website which shows how many tests have been administered for Covid-19 and how many are positive

BUT they qualify the rationale for testing as follows

“The symptoms of the 2019 novel coronavirus, which can include fever and cough, are similar to other respiratory infections, including influenza. As a result, individuals who may simply have the flu are being tested out of an abundance of caution and in line with Ontario’s robust detection protocols. This means that most individuals who are tested are unlikely to be infected with the 2019 novel coronavirus”

Here are the stats as of Today March 16 2020

Positive …172

Negative…. 8464

That is 2% Positive

So 2% of the people who presented at hospitals in Ontario with “Covid-19 like symptoms” actually have covid-19…the rest have ..the Flu !

BUT of course almost all of them Thought they had Covid-19 and were in a panic ( which is why they presented for the test) !

Do the F^%&king Math !


Out of these 172 positive cases ..almost ALL of them were sent Home Immediately after their test to self Isolate and did not require hospitalization !!!

So far our medical system is not being taxed at all but nonetheless our borders are now closed .

Restaurants are closing …most large business are shuttered….all dental offices have been ordered shut down and on and on it goes.