Washer’s Weeds 14/1/17

It’s a bull….no bull.

But these are dull times. No catalysts of significance until possible spring legislation is tabled in the house of commons. It is individual company tales that will cause movement. Here is where DD can serve you just as well if not better than the charts.

Proof of a bull market will be these stocks continuing to rise over the next few months.

Lets get to it:

SL was last weeks pick and good for a 10% pop. There was a buying panic on Fridays close. Something seems to be up. Probably the license to sell product is about to be issued. I still think the most upside in the near term is right here. Might be another pop Monday morning. My top pick again. I have a huge position and am digging in my heels.

EMC This thing is a beauty. I will try and get back in at some point.

APH The first LP to show 2 consecutive profitable quarters. A miracle this early in the game. Solid.

CGC Back to sleeping soundly. Still being punished for running too far too fast.

OGI This weeks disaster. The pesticide story is getting uglier. Best to avoid until things get fixed. Could be more pain ahead.

It’s early in the year but I’ve already racked up enough base hits for a month in the Caribbean. I’m tired, my nerves are shot and I’ve lost my sense of humor. I need this. I’m holding my position until my return. The next publication of Washer’s Weeds will be Feb 18th. Good luck and safe trading.

Washer’s Weeds 7/01/17

Up we go. Reluctantly. Little volume.

Most were expecting further downside but this weed bull won’t have it.

Barely a full trading week but constructive.

Here’s what happened:

ACB was dropped from the line up. I can not in good conscious encourage any one to touch this thing. More hype than substance, trading on momentum…..looks like pets.com. People could get hurt badly. I could be wrong but who need the extra risk? It has been replaced by SL (Supreme Pharmaceuticals). It trades on the Mickey-Mouse CSE but is any thing but. DD has me drooling and it is now my biggest holding. Stockcharts won’t help us so it’s prison-cam time:

EMC: Our stick armed model of the month. She’s a hottie. Resistance is futile.

CGC: Godzilla is awakening and climbing out of Tokyo bay.

APH: The rock of Gibraltar.

OGI: The only organic producer was found to have pesticide in its product. Ooops! We found bacon in the Rabbi’s fridge! Punished by the congregation. Last week’s easy and obvious scalping opportunity.

Testing My Mettle

Cave drawings and personal bias have me chomping at the bit to buy miners here and now.
But alas, I am but a pot head who expects better returns staying put.

Washer’s Weeds disclosure. 3/1/17

I have dumped my entire position in ACB for a 7 cent gain. It may get dropped from the line up.

Rotated into OGI.

Back to our reg programming…

Washer’s Weeds 31/12/16

Happy Frickin New Year!

This was the first trading week of 2017 for Canadian stocks. The weed action was light but positive.

I am certain that a generational bull market has begun in cannabis producers. It is fundamentally obvious. The charts all point in the same direction. I am going to trade this thing for the next 10 years.
The lack of interest here only reinforces my belief. No one really believes it yet. Perfect.

Here is the line up:

My pick from last week. I was fully in. My only holding. I dumped on the first session of the year pop then re bought the dump yesterday and sold before close. Base hits win games. Home runs are rare. No idea where this going in the short term.

My pick for this week. I loaded on the close yesterday. My favorite for scalping. Great liquidity. Coiling for a pop. Under 2.00 doesn’t seem possible anymore. That has been tested to death.

The big Kahuna. Still feeling for a bottom. Still lots of air before hitting the weekly trendline. Acting as a drag on the others. Low volume. No worries for now.

Solid. Boring. Profitable. Damned profitable.

Washer’s Weeds 24/12/16

Another miserable week of downward churning. Low year end volume makes this meaningless in the grand scheme. This thing is going to rip in 2017. We are very early in the game. I’ve redrawn some trend lines to make the bull look healthier and my self look smarter.

Here is the line up:

Me thinks this will be the big winner in 2017. Low share count, great management, great business plan. Brutal IPO but not worried.

The red haired step child. Beaten silly. Great for day trading.

The industry leader. Has had it’s 50% retrace. Where it goes the others follow.

Still behaving nicely:

What ever your beliefs, what ever your traditions, have a great celebration!

Washer’s Weeds 17/12/16

Task force report finally made public. No surprises. We will have our recreational market. Sell. Early entry multi baggers sitting on huge profits. Sell. Late entry bag holders sitting on huge losses. Sell.
Dec 23rd last day for tax selling. Sell. Nobody waits until the last day. Sell.

That might have been it.

I am taking MT out of the rotation (It will be absorbed by CGC soon) and replacing it with EMC

EMC streetwise reports

Here is the line up:

Still holding weekly trend:

The money destroyer: (my money)

The new IPO/money destroyer (my money) and my new largest holding.

Washer’s Weeds 10/12/16

“Oh the humanity”.

“Time to switch to helium”.

A miserable week. Weekly candles still in bull market formation except for fricken ACB.
It did the exact opposite of what my peanut brain thought it would do.
Now we are into the silly season and year end squaring. Short term looking ugly. There is still lots of empty space between here and the weekly trend lines so be bloody careful.

I have given up on rational assessment. It’s a bull alright….with mad bull disease. This beast is a shredder. Ferocious in both directions. Makes gold look like a piker. I’m addicted.

Here are the weekly’s:

Washer’s Weeds 3/12/16

A good week for the weed bull.

The sector as a whole resumed it’s upward trajectory and stayed within simple weekly trend lines.

The task force has delivered its report to the judicial ministry. It will be made public at an unknown date in preparation for proposed legislation (possibly this spring). There are rumors and accusations that the report’s contents were leaked last week and very favorable to the industry. That would explain the get in at any price circuit breaking stampede that we witnessed. High times are coming.

My 5 weeds will soon be 4 as there has been a buyout proposal. Another is slated for acquisition which will leave 3 monsters to dominate the space. (Washer’s monsters). This current M&A scramble so early in the game is a good indicator of what can be expected going forward.

Mr. Market is finally speaking to us. Price and volume are stabilizing. M&A pricing tells us what the corporate insiders think this is worth. Things are starting to make more sense.

Here are the weekly’s:

This weeks drama queen is being bought out at around $8.00.


The big dog that is buying MT.


The next buy out target. Rumor mill says ACB is eyeing it.


The only weed down on the week. Just began construction on an 800,000 sq/ft expansion. Could be an epic squeeze ahead.


Has huge amounts of freshly raised cash. Bound to do something wild.


Washer’s Weeds 11/26/16


Aside from the usual weekly candles I am adding the dailys from where we started.
Chart porn.Those friggin candles are not even believable.
Patterns? Indicators? Tradeable predictions?
Go ahead. I dare you.

Funnymentally, nothing has changed. It’s a new bull.
But this little critter is LOCO.
Buy and hold? Yes but don’t look. Day trade? Yes!!!! The volatility is perfect.
Base hits win games.


Here is what I learned this week:
Nobody knows where this is going or what it’s worth.
No one can agree on price. Even Mr. market is clueless. Movement like this is NOT NORMAL.
There are no parameters, no precedents, no legislation and no quantifiable future markets.
But where there’s smoke…..

Washer’s Weeds 11/19/16

What a fricken week!

Price explosions, circuit breaker halts, stop runs, filled gaps, price implosions, more halts, short squeezes, again halted….in all 5 of my weeds!…mercifully it ended…..up. I have never seen action like this in 15 yrs of trading.

My nerves are shot. Now I drink in the morning and rarely show up for work. I miss the stability of pm miners. I even scalped Yamana for a nickle on Monday just for old times sake. (Sex with the ex).
I’m thinking of ordering some astronaut diapers so I don’t waste time in the washroom during market hours.

Here’s the current media knock on weed producers:

-Valuations are insane. (2 of my weeds are over 1 billion marketcap).
-They make no money.
-They are in debt.
-They are all frantically planning and building out massive amounts of production capacity that can never be supported by the current prescription market alone.

Here’s the real dope:

-Trudeau is a pot head. His dad was a pot head. Washer is a pot head. Soon you will all be pot heads.
-Legalization is going to happen. They are discussing details…not objectives.
-There is not enough capacity to fill this future demand (2017).
-There is a huge temptation for American investors to buy Canadian producers. American Federal and state laws are contradictory….and too great of a risk.
-There are very few serious players in this space.
-This is a very young bull market…..you have a clear trend with volume support and a huge catalyst in the future.

Great family fortunes were made by Canadian booze producers (think Bronfman/Seagrams) during and after prohibition because they were unencumbered by law and had the capacity in place for when the market turned. The parallels here are obvious and actionable.

While the apparently parabolic charts seem like an invitation to chase high prices….this bull market is barely 1 yr old. It began with the election of Trudeau. The end is not in my sights yet.

Here are the 5 weekly’s:

All acting in unison. Harmony. Mutual confirmation. Peace. Love. Jimi Hendrix.

I rotated my core position into MT mid week. They have the most favorable business model and the lowest share count. ACB has a 50 million share overhang. They will free trade soon and are hugely in the money.

My positions usually change every week. I have the attention span of a fruit fly.







This weekly blog is for entertainment purposes only. I am not responsible for any losses which you may incur investing in the 5 weed stocks that I cover. I also do not condone the use of Marijuana. Or the consumption of pizza. Or listening to Led Zeppelin. They sucked. You were high.

Washer’s Weeds 12/11/16


This is it. Talk is cheap. There’s a time to be funny. There’s a time to make money.

The weekly weeds:


Washer’s Weeds 05/11/16

“Well, washer, this is a fine mess you’ve gotten us into”

“What a relief it has been to abandon the volatility of gold stocks finding refuge and certainty in the stability of weed stocks.”


“Out of the frying pan into the fire.”

“I’d rather be a nut than a washer”

The minor correction has become more serious. Stops are being run into unfilled gaps. Since there are very few riverboats, these are easy issues for automatron fundies to push around.

My entry was, to be frank, utterly clueless.

The bull will save me.

The Nov 8th elections stateside will determine recreational use legalization in 8 states. Tailwinds.

Canadian task force report out this month….not about if….about how….to implement legal recreational sale and taxation. Tailwinds.

Legalization…..promised by Trudeau in 2017. Hurricane in my underwear. No one has a clue what kind of demand this could bring. Some estimates are as high as 50x current medical demand.

There currently is not enough legally permitted production capacity to meet even a fraction of this.

That is why…….my 5 weeds have only just incubated…..they are the toddlers….who will grow into monsters.

So here is the lineup:

My biggest (are you serious?) holding: ACB.V
This was the worst place to be….monkey hammered into a yawning gap…..ending the week rocketing like a scalded monkey…..after just being given a cannacord spec at 2.75…..prison sex. Courtesy of my prison camera. Still no history at stockcharts.

The leader and bellweather: Almost at new highs, encouraging.

Also up on the week:

Both slapped hard….yet hardly slapped, really. Let’s see. 🙂


Washer’s Weeds 29/10/16

Fully has asked me to provide updates on legal cannabis stocks.

Here is my first of what will be weekly and always free musings on this sector.


I am not an investment professional. I am an idiot. If your investment decisions are based on my Fred-Flintstone-get-rich-quick-schemes then you too are an idiot.

Here is my premise and my approach to trading and charting:

I will only trade a bull market as it will eventually forgive my amateur executions.

I don’t believe in chart patterns and indicators as being reliable.

Price and volume are my concern after identifying a clear trend.

Areas of support and resistance offer drama and a chance to re position.

I always take profits. Over and over. You only need base hits to win games.

I believe that right now the hottest bull market in Canada going forward is Marijuana stocks.

Most of the names in this sector are garbage.

I have selected 5 stocks that are legit. They are producers. They are liquid. They are the leaders going forward. They have the structures in place to accommodate inevitable legalization in 2017. Fund raising is very easy right now. Big expansion plans are afoot. The recreational market is set to surpass the current prescription market by many multiples.

ACB was just listed on the venture so stock charts has no history….it was on the sheets @ 50 cents for a long time. It’s my biggest holding right now.

Note the strength of this move since June. Note the Volume. Note the reluctance to correct. Note the harmony of all 5 issues.

This, Gents, is the beginning of what will be a very long running bull market. When I read about market saturation and industry lobbying against foreign imports I may start to sell out.






I’m done…

With anything gold. (This will be our 2nd divorce). It has been one hell of a run. Made me whole again. Gave me back my confidence and a nice (paid for) trading account. God bless you, Fully, for building this place. It kept me focused for sure.

I am no longer convinced that this is a new bull. Too old to lose it all again. Not saying it’s over…just over for me. Not interested in being a nut…..just a washer. 🙂

So now what? Need a new bull. Need one that leaves little doubt.

I’ve been looking at this for a few months and am now all in.

The only serious participants at this point barely make money but like Amazon will trade at insane multiples based on anticipated earnings. There are few issues to choose from. Demand will be difficult to fill. Right now they can only fill prescriptions.
Recreational use is the future prize.

The main catalysts going forward are the Nov release of the task force’s report on legalization and legalization itself slated for 2017.

Like always, it is imperative that you do your own DD.

Here are my 5 “rocks”. Payback to the board. Good luck.






Almost there


BoPo can’t get anything right…

Ever wonder why Bohdan Stephan Polny sounds like a charlatan and a con artist? Because he is.

Bohdan Stephan Polny, the chiropractor con artist, tried to steal $100,000 from Citibank.

Bohdan Stephan Polny obviously can’t run a profitable chiropractor clinic. The lying chiropractor can’t even count market cycles.

Bohdan Stephan Polny has a history of lying to customers and leaving unpaid bills.

Found here (comments section) 🙂

Hang tough….This is fight club


Ready to blow….

For scalpers only….

sc (2)
sc (3)

Still a few bears left….

sc (1)




Red Eagle….building cause


First pour soon…

USA.TO Building steam..

sc (1)

Silver…..sit !

These are just the cartoons. The movie hasn’t started yet.

sc (1)
sc (2)
sc (3)






sc (1)

rocket lady

Sizing up the funnymentals

David Stockman is my favourite “economist” by a mile…

The World Economy Has Stopped Growing And Is Headed Into A Depression: David Stockman


370 HUI

Could be a very conservative target.

When was the last time you ate some “Special K” ?



Can drop hard and stay bullish.(Deflation not going away).

Our mining stocks will run hard until we visit those lines.


Forking around

Awoken by Surf City 🙂


sc (2)