Again : Spencer Fernando

Since Hamas terrorists invaded Israel on October 7th, some very disturbing things have been revealed about the Canadian political left, and the left in much of the Western world.

“For many years, the left has cast itself as the defenders of all minorities. They called themselves ‘anti-fascists,’ and ‘anti-racists.’

They regularly demonized politicians like Pierre Poilievre – who is well within the Canadian political norm – claiming he had some sort of hidden agenda that would result in an assault on the rights and freedoms of Canadians.

They also promoted themselves as the advocates of ‘trusting the science,’ and putting ‘objectivity’ ahead of ‘superstition.’

They were – in their own telling – the defenders of the modern progressive world.

But then, after Hamas terrorists unleashed their horrific attack on Israel, much of the left has been revealed as utter frauds.”


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This is a snip from the article : Fascinating Framing of the present situation IMHO


This is in fact something that has been aptly described as ‘Islamo-leftism’. Here’s how it was described on Wikipedia:

“French philosopher Pascal Bruckner has said that Islamo-leftism was “chiefly” conceived by British Trotskyites of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP). Understanding the term as “the fusion between the atheist Far Left and religious radicalism,”[7] Bruckner posited that because those Trotskyites perceive Islam’s potential for fomenting societal unrest, they promote tactical, temporary alliances with reactionary Muslim parties. According to Bruckner, leftist adherents of Third-Worldism hope to use Islamism as a “battering-ram” to bring about the downfall of free-market capitalism and see the sacrifice of individual rights, in particular of women’s rights, as an acceptable trade-off in service of the greater goal of destroying capitalism. Bruckner contends that Islamists, for their part, pretend to join the left in its opposition to racism, neocolonialism and globalization as a tactical and temporary means to achieve their true goal of imposing the “totalitarian theocracy” of Islamist government.[7][8] The Libération essay on the origins of the term said that several commentators linked the origins of the term to former SWP Central Committee member Chris Harman and to the foundation of the Respect Party and George Galloway.[3]”
This has been also referred to as the “red-green alliance,” with red denoting the socialist left and green denoting the radical Islamists.

Clearly, this is what we are seeing in Canada and across the Western world