While it never should have lasted this long (arguably over 50 years) there are more signs the manipulation of gold and more so silver, is closer to an end. Changes that have occurred in the rules regarding transactions, specifically addressing taking delivery of silver from the Comex, over the last two years or so, have led to a steady flow of metal leaving NY, going to London and onward to China. Comex inventories and open interest continue to decline and eventually they will have no choice but to declare force majeure. Once there is no longer a paper futures market to allow limitless naked shorting of silver, the metal will be allowed to find a price level reflecting it’s true value. We will only know in hindsight, when that day has arrived. Your first clue may be when you wake up one morning to see silver quoted at $50 or more per ounce. It will most likely get wild after that. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2023-09-18/continually-widening-gap-between-shanghai-benchmark-and-londonnew-york-benchmark