I have been trying to get my head around why the Biden Administration is in such a state of hyperventillation over Ukraine. They have an agenda(and I don’t think it is about an invasion and trying to prevent it) and are hard pressed to keep the narrative going at least until next week. The meetings in Europe next week should lead to some form of agreement where the crises ends and a ratcheting down occurs over the weeks to come. So what is it that happens between now and the meetings that Biden needs an excuse for or is hiding until he is ready to release it? Every time over the last week that things seem to be less threatening, the administration either directly or thru their media flunkies puts out new info to inflame the situation. They are purposely creating a narrative to do two things. Drive down the stock market and drive up gold prices, why? The only reason I can think of that makes any sense (doesn’t mean they don’t have some other reason that doesn’t make sense) is a dollar revaluation and reset of the gold price. If that isn’t it, why are you purposely creating an excuse for gold to rise and stocks to fall? Ukraine provides an excuse for both but what do you actually acomplish if it ends peacefully in a few more days? What news or event is going to happen in the next few days that needs cover? I don’t know but that is my best guess. Could it be as simple and stupid as just being able to take credit for diffusing WW3 with their tough talk and negotiations, so they at least have one issue to run on in the mid term elections. They saved the world from destruction despite destroying our freedoms and economy, with run away inflation to boot. That would be their other reason that doesn’t makes much sense, but in this bizzaro world, who knows?