The Election “called” by Trudope 2 years early was supposed to net him a majority.

He obviously miscalculated as the results are just about in and the results are just about EXACTLY the same as 2019.

He will still be PM …but also still in a Minority Situation

He cost the Country $600 Million ..for absolutely NOTHING.

He will be raked over the coals and will lose political capital over this insane gambit.

The Liberals look like they actually lost the “Popular” Vote by 2%…complete humiliation for the Turd ! Of course he will blame it on the Unvaxxed.

Noteworthy the Peoples Party of Canada while winning no seats had over 5% of the Vote

Up from 1% in 2019

This is the only REAL “Conservative” Party…They ran on an Anti Covid Platform

That’s about all we got here 5% of us are Freedom lovers…the rest are Cowering Scardicat Losers !

Stay safe you Morons !