From the  Ontario (Canada) Government’s latest “reopening” plan:

Ontario will start the “Step 1” tomorrow, Friday June 11th.

Steps 2 and 3: Compare the lofty “one dose” expectations with the pathetic “Fully vaccinated”.

Obviously very  few people are showing up for their second dose.  Even now, there must be less than 20%.  Why else would the next “Step” to which we can’t move to for at least 21 days have a goal of only 20%?

My take is that the side-effects of the “vaccine” are not rare but actually extremely common, many times greater than what is reported.  I say this because very few people have gotten their second dose already and the government doesn’t expect very many to get it, perhaps not even 25% two months from now.


  • The government has allowed for the extension of vaccine expiry dates –because they’re going bad waiting for people  to inject them into
  • The government has expanded eligibility to include minors, children 12 and up –because they don’t have enough willing adults
  • The government is providing “pop-up” injection sites in neighbourhoods –because people aren’t going to the big, large-scale ones.
  • The Premier of Ontario, Doug Ford (similar to state governor) recently said he won’t be getting his second dose because he wants to make more doses available for others.  He dropped out of sight for two weeks after he got the first dose…

There’s a lot you can deduce about this covid stuff with just your own eyes.  In their latest piece of “reopening” propaganda the Government of Ontario has just told us how unpopular the vaccine is with even those who agree to get the first shot.