From Jeff Childers

Over the last few days, they’ve continued counting the votes in France. The totals explain why the globalists freaked out and escalated to this: Politico ran a story yesterday headlined, “Marine Le Pen hit by shock probe into 2022 presidential campaign funding.” The sudden and unexpected criminal investigation of France’s “far-right” leader was a shock only to corporate media reporters.

Numbers vary. But as far as I can tell, Le Pen’s “far right” party received around 10.5 million votes. The Commie Coalition of “far left” parties got around 7.5 million votes. And the now bantam-sized, “center-right” RINO party of Macron got only 6.2 million votes.

You might wonder why Le Pen’s party lost, despite getting the most votes. It was because France’s far-left and center-right candidates worked together. In each district where Le Pen might have won, one or the other opposing candidate dropped out at the last minute and told their voters to support the other candidate. So, while the majority of French voters wanted the “far right” party, they discovered that what they thought were two traditional opposing party systems are really just a uni-party.

Alas, the predictable result that shocked reporters was that Marine Le Pen is now finding out the hard way that no woman is above the law:

image 10.png
That will teach her! Nowhere in Politico’s article did it wonder whether Le Pen’s sudden new criminal prosecution was politically motivated. Nor did it compare Le Pen’s legal problems with the Orange Man