From J C

Great news! CNN ran its Fall season update story yesterday headlined, “FDA vaccine advisers vote unanimously in favor of updated Covid-19 shot for fall.” The best news is you wouldn’t have even noticed had I not told you.

It’s mRNA happy hour! It’s not for me, or anybody I know, but the useless, feckless, totally captured FDA vaccine committee yesterday recommended an ‘update’ to the covid booster. They want to tweak the formula to make it equally dangerous and ineffective against this year’s variant, so-called JN.1.

You may not recognize ‘JN.1’ by its technical moniker. This is the one they originally labeled “Pirola” (a reference David Pecker can relate to), and are now calling FLiRT. Soon it will have its own dating website.

So here’s your public service advisory: get ready to tell your helpful, FLiRTY pharmacist what to do with her new and improved, “free,” Fall season covid shot.