German government records have shown that the country naturalised over 200,000 immigrants in 2023 alone, which amounts to more than the entire population of more than half of its cities.

The statistics, released by the German Federal Statistical Office reveal that most of the immigrants came from Syria, with 75,485 receiving German citizenship in 2023. A further 10,735 German passports were handed to Turkish immigrants in 2023, with a further 10,710 Iraqi nationals becoming German citizens. The overall number is the highest in a quarter of a century. There has been a more than 50 percent increase in Iraqis, Syrians, and Afghans becoming citizens compared to the previous year.

“The number of naturalizations has thus reached a historic record level, while the traffic-light coalition and the CDU want to fool us into believing that migration is being limited,” the statement further urged.

A recent survey found that seven in ten citizens of European countries believe there is too much unchecked immigration. Among Germans, the number was 77 percent.


NOTE: Germany is where a police officer was stabbed & killed over the weekend –>