Contrary to popular conservative opinion, I don’t want this college chaos to end anytime soon. I want it to increase and metastasize and continue right up until these entitled, ugly, mutated communist jerks totally alienate every normal American. It’s already happening. The frat boys have turned. The normals are turning. At one of these colleges, you had the theater major graduation ceremony invaded by Palesimpians and the parents began chanting, “USA! USA!” Will this and the administrations’ feeble response help flush these institutions’ bloated reputations down the crapper? Yes, please! So, keep it up, communist dipwads. I’m loving this.

And they have succeeded in managing campus demography. Look at the protesters. It’s a diverse collection of SSRI-ridden neurotic females and goofy femboys.

Kurt Schlichter


They’re morons. They’re stupid, and they’re boring, but most of them are very, very ugly, so on the plus side, they’re unlikely to reproduce.