Jeff Childers

They know. In a recent World Economic Forum clip making the rounds this week, veterinarian and Moderna CEO Stéphan Bancel freely admitted that sixteen million Americans now have disabling long covid, which most of us interpret in proper English as “long vaxx:

The true face of evil also admitted that four million young, healthy, working-age Americans have been permanently disabled and can no longer work:

“In the US so far, there’s been sixteen million people with long Covid, mostly young people in their twenties, their thirties, their forties…Somebody who used to able to jog 5 kilometers they can barely walk now because of lung damage which is permanent, is very profound…four million Americans out of a job right now because of long Covid…”
The notion that four million Americans have been permanently disabled by “long covid” is laughable. We see you, Bancel. Clutching at straws, Bancel suggested more “prevention” is the answer, and then excreted a bunch of meaningless medical freedom platitudes like modern health care is really “sick care” and we should focus more on creating health than on curing illness. Uh huh.

Or — and I realize this is difficult for people with Bancel’s limited intellectual scope to comprehend — maybe we could start focusing on creating health by removing things from the environment that are making people sick. Like jabs.

Anyway, Bancel’s clip has been mercilessly and hilariously mocked online by extremely large numbers of social media viewers. The message is out of the barn, down the hill, and paddling across the Atlantic.