Today is the day he needs to come up with about half a Billion to allow him to appeal…which is insane and unconstitutional…but there it is

He is asking the court to reduce or repeal this .

If they Don’t he apparently has this much in cash which was to be used for the campaign.

Thats why the massive fine was “ordered”

If he pays this in escrow it will be tied up until the Supremes eventually strike it

So how will he fund his campaign ?

Truth Social will be going public as it merges with DWAC this week

DWAC is up 12% TODAY ….$5 a share to 41.50

Trump has 79 Million Shares X $5 >>> he made almost 400 Million Today alone…that covers his “Bond”

79 millio shares X 41.50>>> his stake is worth ~4 Billion

He cannot sell shares for 6 months after the IPO

BUT he can Borrow against them …for his campaign

Not sure this will play out like this BUT …it’s driving the Demotards absolutely INSANE that he got this windfall just in time

………… a Canadian I cannot contribute to Trumps Campaign BUT …I just bought 25 Shares of DWAC

I’m already up $25