WOW …. It sure is Entertaining This movie we are watching . Whoever is writing the scrip is beyond genius

We have a front row seat to one of the most Monumental Historic times in our Planet’s History . and it’s playing like Soap Opera 24 /7 …ever evolving

( Probably our parents thought that when living through WW2 and our grandparents thought that while living thru WW1 and the Great Depression )

But this time We are conected to the events light speed…as they happen

We are going warp speed now .

When You’re going thru Hell………………..>>>Keep Going>>>
Albert Einstein

We have been Following and Chronicling ( and Leading ) this last 4 years . We are on the leading edge of something Big !

It could be So Big that Human Life is Self Exterminating ( will it be by mass poisoning…slow starvation…. or by nukes ? ) stay tuned .. KABOOOOOOM


It could be so big that The Great Awakening is Upon Us , A time when we all realize we have been living warp speed for a long time and that has lead us to here .

We don’t like where this is going….coming to a neighborhood near you….so we collectively Awaken and create our own “parrallel polis” ( as Steve Turley calls it.)


If you’re Evangelical it could be the Rapture .

(Parabolic Chuck remember you offered to put in a good word for me if I keep doing my Homework )


Whatever This is this is the greatest Entertainment Ever

With Hundreds of Villains and Heros who we all know by name . Discovering more every week .

Everything is out in the open and we have finally Woke ( The Good Kind) en mass to the idea that there is a battle of Good vs Evil Playing out. The Evil Pricks had a big head start because we were too busy creating while they plotted to destroy. They are very good at plotting in the dark and behind the scene so for that reason we didn’t notice when they inflitrated all our institutions. Most of em are still there … but we are starting the weeding out process and it is accelerating because we have this place to communicate . It’s great to have so many people come to this WW3 Watch Club.

THIS is setting up to be Our Generation’s World War event…..It’s already WW3 as far as I’m concerned !

Who’s side are we on ? Humanity’s thats WHO.

This week ( specifically yesterday ) Feb 8 2024 was Monumental

Putin Gets Tuckered ( for all to see)
Brandon Gets Fuckered (for all to see)
Supreme Court scoffs at the 14th amendment case

Not sure which was the biggest story there

This is a Ride. !

What’s next ? Stay tuned to this Tent