The recession that should be fully manifested in 2024 is likely to be quite unusual. No, the Phillips Curve won’t be disproved, but some economists will argue that. Rather, because of what I discussed in a post yesterday, the labor force has been greatly distorted by the after effects of the Covid vaccinations. Such a large portion of the labor force has either died or become disabled that going forward, the economy will still have relatively FULL employment, despite the fact that GDP will be declinning, ie in a recession. The inflation rates will still drop from the FED tightening but contrary to what they keep saying, they have to stop relying on the faulty gauge of the UE rate. It isn’t going to rise as much as it would have, if all those dead and disabled people were still in the labor force. Congrats to Sleepy Joe and his administration, by mandating and pushing the deadly vaccinations, he has created a new way to reduce unemployment and lift the wages of mainstream workers, by thinning the herd. I doubt the economic journals and history books will ever acknowledge the real “truth” behind Bidenomics!