Its almost 2 am here and I am wide awake.

Reflecting an a lot of things …via the posts today here at Our Little Oasis in the desert .

Regarding The Wars !

Two countries , One The Largest Via Landmass in the World . The Other pretty much the Tiniest Land mass in the world

Have been faced with an Existential Crisis from Hostile neighbors who Despise them and seek to anihilate them .

These Two Countries could NOT be more different ! They have almost NOTHING in common .

But they do share one very important thing .

In the 1940s their people were on the brink of extermination …they lost millions against a common enemy ….but somehow emerged victorious and both took twisted paths to their present relative prosperity .

and Now again today…They are BOTH kicking their “Neighbors” asses after another EXISTENTIAL threat.

Russia has complete control of the situation Militarily Economicly and Politically …They have destroyed the enemy ( The USA and it’s “allies” know as NATO ) against all odds. Their conflict is ongoing but they have won. It was in doubt for a while but after 2 years They have saved their Civilization and are on the road to great prosperity.

Israel also has complete control of the situation…and have done so also against all odds ..and in only 1 month.
A Country with a population of 5 million ( half of whom are religious zealots with zero appatite for conflict) have taken on The Arab World who surround them with a population of a Billion and as always they kicked their asses.

What these 2 Countries have in common is the fact that they stood to Loose EVERYTHING whereas their enemies did not.

Also they have NUKES…and would undoubtably use them if they were NOT winning.

Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose .

Feel free to disagree



PS..Flush the Turd