From JC

She’s literally running as far away as she can get.

Because what the freedom-loving Taiwanese need the most right now as the communist Chinese are closing in on them is some useless advice from disgraced, anti-Constitutional Governor Michelle Lujan. And on the other hand, what New Mexico really needs right now is some kind of state-level “trade agreement” with Taiwan.

Yesterday morning, five days after it started, the Governor gave up on her awesome plan to end the scourge of private gun ownership. She held a press conference announcing she was “modifying” the now-enjoined gun ban, by limiting its scope to only playgrounds and public parks. For the next 30 days.

Michelle did not explain how her new order would accomplish anything except frustrate the pending lawsuits.

In my recent battles, I have learned that a go-to strategy for local governments responding to a lawsuit is to tweak the unconstitutional ordinance a little by amending it, and then argue the lawsuit is moot, since it was based on a different, now obsolete law. But rarely, when it looks really bad, they just give up, throw in the towel, and reverse course.

It looks like that’s just what Governor Grisham did. She threw in the dictatorial towel, hanging on to a tiny scrap of her gun ban to save face.