Boycotts Work

Personal Anecdote

Through the Pandemic Mania I only had ONE encounter with a mask Nazi

It was a surprise . It was at a local Garden Center i had been to many times owned and operated by an Italian Canadian Family who lived on the property . I wore a face shield and lined up to pay for some supplies . The Owner came and said here wear this mask. I said I can’t I’m clausterphobic . So he said well we will check you out at the outside register then and lead me away like a criminal. So now outside I went to pay and took of the stupid face shield . The owner comes over and says put it back on or we won’t serve you. So as you can imagine I unloaded on him and refused…and they refused my money so I just left the cash and picked up my stuff and left before he called the cops.

I drive by the place most days and a week or so later I noticed that on the 3 flag poles at the entrance he put up 3 new flags . I couldn’t believe it . a BLM flag ( with the fist) , a Rainbow Flag and a Ukraine Flag.

Of course I never shoped there again .

Fast forward to this spring . I noticed 3 Canadian Flags on the flag poles . So I went in and lo and behold. new Owners
An Indian Canadian Family .

Curious I went back yesterday to buy some Fall Mums …as I cheched out I asked what happened to the previous owners …did you buy from them ? No They went out of Business ( Bankrupt ) we bought from the bank.

This is Farm Country and Trucker Country..Those Flags Did these Idiots in. Still smiling