This is a long read but its insightful and you may reconsider the intentions of Russia by the time you reach the end. All is not as it seems. There is an alliance between the old communist bloc nations of China, Russia, North Korea and others that has never ended. Indeed there may be a huge deception in the works that will surprise even the most hairy eyed doubters. But read this article anyway and come to your own conclusions.

Jeff Nyquist continues to say that there is an invasionattack planned on the US Mainland but that it has been delayed since Russia was unable to neutralize Ukraine as rapidly as expected. But that attack is still in the works and will be coming soon enough. Perhaps the large numbers of Chinese military aged men suddenly swarming across the Southern border should tip us off that the attack is nearing its execution date. According to Jeff, Russia and China will be undertaking the attack jointly in order to destroy the US and that they most definitely plan on using nuclear weapons in the impending engagement.