True-Dope, you are no better than Adolf Hitler and Joseph Mengele. Fuck you.

There are a lot of others that ought to be ashamed of themselves: every police officer and military agent who is in Ottawa right now, rounding up people and beating them up. The entire Liberal Party. Jagmeet Singh, bought and paid for, and who came out and said “whatever Trudeau says, I’ll go along with it”.

The Supreme Court. Where the hell are you? Brian Peckford filed a lawsuit on Fri Feb 7 detailing all of the illegal things that True-Dope has done. You could have decided in favour of the people and declared the mandates unconstitutional, and then we would not have the current situation in Ottawa. Instead you are sitting on your asses drawing out and debating what is a clear-cut case.

All the doctors who knew these injections were wrong, but went along with it. Cowards. What happened to your Hippocratic oath, or did that get abandoned in favour of a steady paycheque? And what about those who acted as vaccinators? Did you actually think about any of this, or in the end will you say “I was just doing my job”?

All the people virtue-signalling by parading around with your face rags. Why don’t you just wear a sandwich board that says “I love Communism”

May all of you rot in hell. You have helped destroy this once beautiful and free country.