He was oblivious to the information that we receive.  One must read both sides to determine for one’s self what is happening.  He knew nothing other than “safe and effective”.   He got all three shots.  He got his eyes opened.  We had never met before.  He wondered why so many chairs went up with only two persons when it was busy.   I asked him to ask others if they wanted to join us on the chair.  Over half refused due to fear.  Being from Alberta he had not experienced that before.  He has now come around to the realization that the country is so polarized that we may never get back to reality.    We convinced a couple from Tirana, “Toronto” for those not of the area, that I had 6 shots.  Fucking idiots!   I’m getting good at saying it with a straight face as others laugh in the lineup.  By the end of two days my new friend had converted to our point of view. He will go out and spread  the word.

The proceedings to determine whether the Emergency Act was justified will come to a conclusion by next week.  Either way Castreau loses.  We are not backing down. Fuck em!