Wow…John Nolte lays it out in simple terms. Even the Left wing Rags have been forced to report this.

It’s Trump’s Fault that these scientists shut their mouths .

This is a must read . Check out his take on the Climatista’s

This is great stuff. Shining the light on these Pompous Assholes who want to control YOUR life to the nth degree .

By way of an unforgivable (but very revealing) act of silence, several scientists now admit to having misled the country for more than a year by covering up their belief that the coronavirus lab leak theory is valid enough to warrant investigation.

What we have here is an astonishing admission and one more reason not to believe the so-called scientific consensus about ANYTHING, most especially life-altering issues such as Global Warming or Climate Change or whatever these charlatans call it today.

Think about it…

If a herd of scientists is willing to lie through an act of omission about the lab leak, imagine the other lies they’re telling us — or are allowing to be told — when it comes to everything else.