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This heated discourse on MMT is very significant and instructive IMO. Why instructive? Not for its content, but as a sign of where we are in the cycle.We are at peak cycle. An inflection point is upon us. Hopefully many of us read Ray Dalio’s article last year on decade end cycle changes. That’s where we are, at the turn…. in everything.

Please keep returning to this below quote throughout this message:

The name Ellen Brown is presented to add credibility to the MMT proposition. The significance is simply she has finally been co-opted as almost everyone else. Just a late hold out.

Think of the term “Helicopter money”. Today it’s actually being used as a serious policy proposal, YES EVEN ON THIS SITE!. Where did this term come from? It was made up my Milton Friedman as a joke! It’s use was to drive home the ridiculousness of free money. NOT as any possible policy proposal. Yes indeed everything America now believes is false.

But we know the average American has no financial knowledge and is easily bamboozled with fraudulent financial arguments. But the absolute extreme of how far this can go has to be recognized when the owner of a gold bug site goes full tilt supporting thin air money printing.

Indeed I understand the pointing out of this reality may no longer be welcome since the sea is now swarming with newly frocked modern Keynesians. But I can’t help myself as my knowledge of economic history extends beyond 1940 and there is a well worn path of where this ends up. It’s not pretty.