One of the most striking statistics of the myriad of statistics in and around the Virus news

Is that China and South Korea and Japan and Hong Kong and Singapore all had initial spikes

in new cases and deaths in the first 3 or 4 weeks …Especially Wuhan China which was going parabolic..

Then suddenly the cases leveled off and have now slowed to a trickle in all these places.

This article shows how Pollution was dramatically lowered in Wuhan and all of China as well as South Korea

and likely all these other countries.

It touches on the fact that the reduction in inhalable toxins is very good for asthma sufferers and anybody with sensitivities to this shit floating around in the breathable air.

This stuff reduces immunity …Apparently Wuhan is one of the most air polluted place on the planet

And Northern Italy is not far behind

And what about new York…why is is far and away the worst place in USA for this virus so far.

SO is it possible that the reduction in cases is more due to this air quality factor that it is due to social distancing and shutting people in their homes ?

Yes there have been thousands of lives lost due to the virus but how many lives are being saved because of a reduction in Toxic crap in our lungs.

We have a lot of time on our hands to reflect on these things