While Friday’s price action was a warning tremor like before the eruption of a volcano or an impending catastrophic earthquake, it is likely there might be a day or two of relative calm before the next, larger move occurs. I would expect that later today there will be an announcemet regarding the fate of Credit Suisse.  UBS may buy the whole company or part of it, with the rest sold off to others and the smaller pure bank left independent. What is important is that it provides a small window to catch one’s breath and take action. My suggestion is to anyone holding a large portion of one’s wealth in the form of physical gold bullion, would be to attempt to convert a substantial portion of it into silver. As I posted a week or so ago, when the GSR was over 90, switching to or buying silver was a no brainer. The problem you are likely to encounter soon is that the dealers and coin shops may not be able to accomodate you as silver becomes unavailable. By switching you avoid the steadily increasing price premiums for silver and get a better mix and future return on your holdings. You may have as little as until the FED announcemet on Wednesday or as written about recently, possibly until the end of this month. Things are moving quickly, so should we.