First, despite all the many agendas, facilitated by this Covid scam, it is absolutely clear that the main reason this was planned and implemented and being stretched out as long as possible, is the collapse of the dollar based fiat world monetary system. They need to keep up the BS about variant breakouts(and puposely destroyed any chance of herd immunity by not allowing therapeutics that work and using a non vaccine, vaccine that destroys the immune system) to delay the monetary reset for as long as possible. 2022 will usher it in under Lael Brainard as FED Chair and the introduction of a FED Central Bank Digital Account to replace private bank accounts. The second related point is Biden is again delaying the announcement which was suppose to be 4 days from Tuesday when he leaked that timeline, to now back again to, before Thanksgiving. The decision was made weeks, if not months ago. Two reasons for the continued delay. He still doesn’t want to lose possible votes on his second piece of pending legislation and he doesn’t want to pop the stock market bubble any sooner than necessary. Of course the biggest reason is holding off on unleashing the upside explosion in gold and silver until the banksters can cover their massive gold and silver short positions on the Crimex. So we wait for all hell to break loose, eventually.