I couldn’t let this one slip by…From the Chartology Forum

I love how Sir Rambus is always teaching so I can keep on learning. Note this teaching moment from him in the notes (AUY). ” LOOK FOR INITIAL HIT THEN SMALL DECLINE FOLLOWED BY A STRONG MOVE THROUGH THE TOP RAIL” this life long learner can’t get enough. aFan

Fullgoldcrown May 20,
Sir Fan

Wonderful to see how you have embraced the Principle Motive for Rambus Chartology.
Not many other analysts are all about teaching their craft.

When Rambus First stared the site ( 10 years ago now…incredible)…One of our Mottos was

“Give a a man a chart and he thrives for a day…teach a man to chart and he thrives for a life time.”

Thanks again for posting your experience.
I am sure this makes Rambus’s Day !
cheers Sir Fan