The Biden administration has been a complete failure in its ineptness in handling this crisis, perhaps on purpose. The data are destroying the narrative of the “experts.” Logic is the antidote to leftist ideology. The defeat of the Covidians is nigh. Perhaps some time in the future, we will look back and either laugh or cry at our naïveté and gullibility

Covidians are the cabal of Biden officials, the CDC, Dr. Fauci, the vaccine producers, the leftist-run media, and local politicians who irrationally push COVID mandates over the restraints of the Constitution and rational thought. Their defeat is imminent.

It is now patently obvious to every phenomenological thinker (who are nonexistent on the left) that the vaccines and masks are totally ineffective against the COVID virus. You don’t have to be a physician or medical expert to understand this.

The COVID vaccines first became available to Americans in December 2020. The total number of U.S. COVID cases in 2020 was less than 21 million. In 2021, it has increased to almost 28 million. There were 370 thousand U.S. COVID deaths in 2020. In 2021, thus far, there have been 423 thousand deaths. There are currently over 9 million COVID cases in the U.S., the highest of any other time since the pandemic began (source: Worldometer).