I was reading this one on ZeroHedge.


Really liked the comment from this poster:

I don’t know what the hell that was I bought that popped up in my screener, I saw it was US based, some merger was being talked about
and that it was media related. Quick glance at the technicals. Good enough for a few hours. I was trading volume. Sold half
at +12% and the other half at +22%. Then it shoots up even further but I had made my losses back and moar. My buy and hold high
dollar “Mr. Responsible” divi food stock has been taking it in the chin so I had to do something dumb.
You would think that would be a smart play given food prices. Not really.

It’s just not rational but neither is the market so I had to take some back.

That’s not investing, that’s scalping. <——–  AGREE 100%, DOING THIS WITH SOME MINERS TOO!

The only buy and hold that I see is gold and silver and ammo. The rest of this “investing” scam is gambling.