Ask yourself — in what country of the so-called international rules-based order,  would the rules allow the head of state and the head of government to act together in secret to violate the state’s constitution, creating a secret junta unaccountable to parliament, the press, or the courts? And then after one secret has slipped out, one junta replaced by another junta, a new government chief has committed himself to continuing the same rule by force, fraud and propaganda – an  official whose name in Italian means sneak thief?

For answers, listen to the TNT Radio discussion of the rules-based order in Australia of head of state Army General (retired) David Hurley, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, and the election test coming up for the Nazi uniform-wearing state politician, Dominic Perrottet. Also of the collabos in this regime – Crikey, The Saturday Paper, Sydney Morning Herald, and the Murdoch media. And not forgetting Penguin Random House, the publisher which a US federal court recently ruled is too big to be safe under US law for American readers – the publisher which is filling every bookshop window in Australia with Prince Harry, grandson of the monarch who appointed Hurley and who approved every unconstitutional secret he signed.

The discussion starts here at Minute 17:20.

John Helmer