The average taxpayer may be forgiven for floundering in the post-truth ocean of baffling Orwellian “newspeak.” It’s terminology that supports vast changes currently being implemented across the west under the World Economic Forum (WEF) COVID pandemic “Great Reset.” What’s happening?

Intrinsic to the concept is the fundamental truth that human beings are distracted by shock, and therefore more open to change than they would otherwise be if they were thinking clearly. Shock creates opportunity to rewrite the script — as hurricane winds blow your house down, missiles rain from the sky, or a global media ‘infodemic’ convinces you that death from a flue-like virus is immanent. Hence, the WEF “window of opportunity.”

Canada has been referred to as the “first post-national country”, and Justin Trudeau as its ‘woke’ Prime Minister. Shortly after becoming prime minister in 2015, Trudeau told the New York Times Canada had “no core identity,” and that he saw it as the “first post-national state.”

And so, the dots connect — communism, to ‘wokeism’, to post-nationalism, all within the context of the Great Reset.

If you believe this is all happening by accident, you are mistaken.

If you believe in the Great Reset, it all makes sense.

If you don’t, it doesn’t matter. ‘Wokies’ aren’t interested in your opinion.