My feelings towards Bitcoin have been expressed here a number of times. In the past(before I was on this site) I had called some of the temporary tops when the chart went parabolic, but have been surprised by it’s resiliency. I have never bought and never will. I just took another look at the chart to confirm something I knew to be likely and fairly obvious. In all of it’s swings, at least since maybe it’s very early days, whenever Bitcoin had a major top and significant selloff, it has always gone on to make a new high and More Importantly, stayed above the previous correction low.(classic definition of a continuing bull market) So, while I don’t know if this will be the time or not, if Bitcoin, after having made a new ATH recently, above the one made in early April, were to fall BELOW the 29,700 low made in July, it would be the first time a new high was followed by a breakdown below a previous correction low. If that happens, the unwind of this Ponzi scheme could happen rather quickly. Got GOLD!