This is quite interesting to say the least. Thanks Brian A

Tom Luongo has an amazing story to tell. And he tells it well .

Sit down and pour yourself a beverage or smoke a joint and be prepared to be enlightened and entertained .

“So while I’ve described the benefits to Europe and Davos for this. I haven’t given you the reason why Davos is throwing China under the same bus it’s throwing Gates and Fauci. Simple. It goes back to this year’s virtual Davos summit where Xi gave lip service to the Green New Deal and the Great Reset and Putin told Schwab, politely but firmly to go fuck himself.

So now China has to be neutralized in the longer term by hopefully getting into a war with the U.S. neither wins but cripples both. How else are you going to attract global capital to the economic wasteland that is modern Europe?

I’m not saying this truly insane and megalomaniacal plan will work, I’m just calling it out the way I see it.”