From contact in the UK: Two ATM machines at different banks … NO CASH available for withdrawal.

Went to bank teller after 45 minutes wait to withdraw balance of 3000 pounds. Told to come back in 3 days.

The banks are highly leveraged and the fractional reserve system is going to be their downfall.

If you have cash in the bank … spend it on tangible assets, or withdraw it, and keep it in a safe place.

We are likely heading into a banking liquidity crisis and insolvency crisis this year.

Banks are closing branches everywhere too.

“its not what they say. its what they do” that is the truth.

We are all so dependent on these institutions, even via share brokerage accounts. To cash out of shares you have to use your bank and the question is: Will they allow you to access your funds in a liquidity crisis? We only need one bank in the West to go under, and then the run will start.