What I really hate in the current environment is suppression of calm discussion, mainly because so much is censored these days one way or another.  In biology and medicine — much less politics — it is just about impossible to draw firm conclusions from observational studies.  Always something is not controlled or blinded.  You always forget something in designing studies.  It’s not like a simple engineering experiment in a high school lab with perfect conditions.   What you want is interesting back and forth discussion, where contrary arguments aren’t nasty trickery for sinister reasons, where there is censorship and distortion.  Something that looks like a relatively common reaction to, say, a vaccine, when examined more carefully perhaps isn’t.  Or maybe it is even worse than it looks.  It is best when seen by different eyes from different directions, and discussed honestly.

The conservative side of me hates putting up material that might be inflammatory that hasn’t been discussed in relatively thorough and dispassionate manner.  It might be incorrect, or if seen from a different side it might have a different interpretation.  It would be best to put it up in a site where relatively pleasant and calm people from different sides would comment.  Not going to happen.  See below for an item or two I’ve come across.