Here is Senator Cruz’s Joint statement of how the 12 Electoral Challenger Senators are demanding the issue be resolved

Sounds fair to me..and there is precedent . Apparently in the Contested Election of 1887 this is exactly what was done.

I would hope after a healthy debate on the challenge …VP Pence Rules in favor of this 10 day “Commission” composed of 5 Senators 5 Reps and 5 Judges who hear evidence and then report said evidence back to each Swing State Legislature for them then to decide which set of Electors to send from their State. If they feel the evidence supports that the their elections were unconstitutionally managed and or fraud was proven they can decertify the counts and send their already prepared Trump slates.

Takes the pressure off Pence and give the final choice to the Legislatures of each state..which is what the Constitution requires anyhow.

Thats my take…but I’m just a batshit crazy Canadian..WTF do I know