USA Markets Two possible scenarios:

Scenario 1: If Biden wins expect massive debt-based monetary expansion with a normalization of US trade partner relations with China and Europe – stocks should VAULT higher.

Scenario 2: Trump wins. Debt-based monetary expansion will continue although to a lesser extent. US trade relations will remain stagnant, and may even deteriorate further.

With regard to the middle class, look around you … its over. They have already been robbed of TRILLIONS in realized wealth via suppressed interest rates and small business controlled demolition.

Both Trump and Biden must raise taxes as the USA is destitute with debts and deficits out of control. There is no way out of this, and this will further shrink the middle class as the tax imposition takes what they have left. We are on the cusp of a two tier society, the extreme haves and the poor.

I have no preference for either candidate. Both are inadequate leaders for the times we live in. Neither has the ability to tell the truth.

Its become clear that a massive bull market is building out in all financial assets, fueled by a massive explosion in central bank debt-based new money being thrown at these markets by ALL the central banks, led by their leader the Fed. The Fed is buying up corporate debt via Blackrock. The Fed agenda is to own it all and to become the global lender and financier of last resort. Meanwhile global economies are in free fall, depression conditions, and the middle classes are getting wiped out through business closures and job losses and zero interest rates on savings. This is irrelevant to the financial markets as a wave of debt-based money washes over them.

There is a complete disconnect between the real economy and the financial markets. The middle classes in the West are being systematically destroyed by the Fed and the central banks…this is their agenda, in order to implement a reset, with the middle classes joining the poor, and living on food stamps.

The middle classes in the western economies are toast already, regardless of who wins. This is the end of an era, and the current systems and institutions in the West have already failed, and nobody seems to care.

The strange death of the West by consensus.