Call me a Conspiracy Theorist…I absolutely believe this !

First and foremost, the Democrats wanted to shut down Trump’s campaign stops across the nation. They were far too successful and made it extremely difficult for the MSM to report so much utterly false polling data. When Trump shows up in person, 30,000 avid supporters instantly appear; when Joe Biden crawls out of his basement, 3 covidiots might appear in the distance with masks on.

The very day that Trump elevated Dr. Scott Atlas over Dr. Anthony Fauci and all the other agents of Deep State on the White House Coronavirus Task Force, every GOP insider knew it was only a matter of time before Team Atlas was taken down hard.

What better way to do just that than to infect everyone in the West Wing, and then some?

Even the ever-trusted and CLOSE confidante Hope Hicks was conveniently infected by the deliberate release of the COVID-19 bioweapon in the White House.

I love Underdogs and Trump and We The People are the biggest Underdog in history !

“However, what the perps failed to realize is that the COVID-19 international criminal conspiracy would wake up so many smart and good people around the globe. Because COVID-19 can be found in everyone’s back yard, there are no NIMBYs. Everyone has skin in the game. And many of the billions of victims are rapidly waking up to the malevolent conspiratorial plot to imprison them and enslave them.”

Soon … very soon … we expect there to be many folks armed with torches and pitchforks. The now ubiquitous Internet has made sure that if anyone wants to know the Covid truth, it’s easily accessible. Even with so much blatant censorship by Big Tech and Big Social Media, the AI censors are unable to suppress the explosion of Covid truth.”

It has never been so urgent for every resident on Earth to (i) take back their power from The Powers That Be, (ii) stand in their own truth, and (iii) speak that truth to power as never before. Only in this way can personal sovereignty be reclaimed so that national sovereignty can be restored.