Those who can see through the bullshit, know that this virus is a scam, and not any worse than a bad flu season, based on the statistics of fatalities, compared to previous years. Therefore, its merely a smoke screen to divert attention from the real agenda.

So what is the real agenda?

They intend to transform the United Nations (UN) into a one world government. Similar to the EU structure, where the European Commission holds all the power, yet they are un-elected. Their agenda hinges on getting rid of Trump, because he is not about to surrender the sovereignty of the USA to the UN. The European Commission is all ready to hand over its power over to the UN. The UN and the EU is behind Trump’s removal, and they will do anything necessary, including the JFK option.

The UN needs $3 trillion to execute its agenda, which includes bailing out broken nation states, via the World Bank and IMF, to buy their sovereignty and allegiance. Nation states which have been economically destroyed because of a flu virus. The Democ rats already have plans to provide most of the $3 trillion to the UN, courtesy of the US taxpayer.

Here is a wish list of UN Marxist targets leading into 2030, using climate change and bio-security as the excuse:

50% reduction of carbon emissions by 2030, regardless of the economic impact
guaranteed basic income for all who are unemployed
carbon taxes on every body for using fossil fuels
banning all forestry – no timber, no paper
banning farming where there is meat production as this is not “sustainable” farming
increased welfare for all
increased taxes substantially
restrict all social media that does not support the UN agenda – free speech will come to an end (this site will be closed down!)
forced implants of chips to regulate births
forced vaccinations to change cell DNA
population reduction by culling white males, the elderly and the weak
abolish paper money, abolish private payment tokens, like Bitcoin
global UN tax to automatically deducted from all digital bank accounts
re-education camps for those who do not comply with the UN rules
social scoring such that a low social score means no access to food, clothing and shelter (that is, extermination)

This list is not exhaustive, but you get the idea of where the UN wants to take the world in its quest for power.

Are they likely to succeed? No idea. But the unintended (or intended) consequences of this are likely to be profound.

And there is another minor small issue: How likely is China and Russia to hand over their sovereignty to the UN? Not likely, except if they are forced to by military means.

So we can add War to the above list, as a means to force non-compliant nations to hand over sovereignty to the UN.