Breaking News Release: Tuesday, August 25, 2020

COVID restrictions and mandatory vaccinations are outlawed and nullified
by Common Law Assembly
; Citizens are encouraged to resist police state
measures as officials are threatened with fines and imprisonment
Parksville, British Columbia (Republic News Service)
In an historic act of direct democracy last night, the Oceanside Common Law Assembly
(OCLA) passed a Public Safety Bylaw that prohibits COVID restrictions and mandatory
distancing, masking, quarantines, and vaccinations anywhere in the communities of
Parksville and Qualicum Beach on Canada’s west coast.

As of today, anyone who tries to impose COVID regulations on the people of these
communities can face fines and imprisonments by OCLA and its Common Law Court.
Citing International law, the Assembly Bylaw states that these COVID regulations “are
unlawful, unwarranted and medically unsound measures that threaten and assault the
fundamental liberties, health and security of the people of our community … Therefore it is
ordered that no-one is obligated to consent to or comply with any of these regulations …
and anyone is free to actively resist and disobey such regulations and measures by any
means necessary without fear of legal consequence.”

The Bylaw concludes by accusing anyone who tries to impose COVID regulations on the
community as being part of a criminal conspiracy and threatens them with “penalties and
imprisonment upon conviction by the Common Law Court of Parksville … All police
authorities are expected and compelled by law to enforce this Bylaw or be charged with
obstructing justice and democratic process.
” (A copy of the complete Bylaw follows.)

Common Law Public Safety Bylaw

There is no reason why Canadians in Ontario and other States, cannot under Common Law Assembly, do the same. The Constitution allows this. The Constitution is above Parliament, as per Supreme Court ruling.

Alternatively, move to Parksville and Qualicum Beach on Canada’s west coast!