Russia – has an incredible CFR of 1.6%. Russia’s treatment protocol: Treat early and often with HCQ.

Whereas UK follows the WHO Marxist idea that HCQ is potentially dangerous and has no benefit for treating Covid. UK CFR is 15%, which is 10 times higher than Russia!

UK has indirectly, committed a genocide on its people, by blindly following a WHO Marxist agenda.

Here is how the other countries line up, based on HCQ usage early:

I live in one of the green countries shown on the chart, where the CFR is less than 0.8%. The standard protocol is straight onto HCQ/Zinc/Zpack as early as symptoms start appearing, after a positive test.

This is why Marxism is so dangerous, as it leaves behind a trail of death and destruction, in every society that it has touched. And they can never admit they are wrong! “We can make it work this time” … always ends in misery and destruction.

Look at France, a bastion of Marxism and Socialism. The CFR is nearly 20%. Clowns and idiots.