Lets face it, the current system is fundamentally broken at all levels. From fiat currencies to rigged capital markets. An alternative financial system infrastructure is quietly being built, and eventually a transition will take place. Many hedge fund managers and institutional traders, have already moved across. This sends a message, that they have abandoned a ship that is sinking, and most are on it, believing the bullshit narrative that all is well, that there are enough lifeboats for everybody. There is not!


DeFi is an emerging alternative financial system that is built on a public blockchain, which enables greater accessibility because anyone has the ability to connect to it. Additionally, transactions are publicly visible, enabling greater transparency across the system.

The leading edge of this emerging financial system is outside North America, which has become a racket run by criminals, based on an old archaic rigged platform; and a banking system that should have failed in 2008, but instead was kept alive so that the 1% could be made whole again. We are a seeing some of the consequences in the streets of the USA.