Lock Downs have become 100% Political

The Right Abhors them under any circumstances and the Left Adores them under any circumstances !

It never made any sense to me that the Left who supposedly champions the poor and disadvantaged in their societies

strongly support destroying these people in the name of ‘saving lives at all cost”

What a pile of Horse Manure.

Well here is a young Irish Lad with a bit of common sense. He tells it like a sane rational human even though he explains that he is very Left Wing in his politics.

He touches on all the points we have been making here .

” I too believe that the lockdown policy in response to Covid-19 has been an utter and complete disaster, and that most of the left have gotten this issue completely wrong. I will argue that the position of the lockdown sceptic really should be a more naturally left-wing cause to adopt, and those on the left should not be distracted by the reflexive partisan politics and virtue signalling that has taken over so much of the debate around lockdowns.”

It’s a longish read but worth it….pass it on to your Pro Lockdown Twisted Thinking Left Sided Family and Friends.