150,000 folks die on average every day globally, from something out there. Life is a dangerous activity. There is no certainty, other than death (taxes can be avoided or clawed back!).

To date, Covid-19 is about 3 days worth of global deaths, over a period of say 6 months (180 days), or excess of 2,500 per day which is 1.5% excess over the normal expected deaths per day.

The medieval lock-down over 1.5% excess death rate, has achieved little, apart from kill more elderly folks in nursing homes, despite what useful idiot politicians and the bought media say. In New York, Covid patients were moved into nursing homes, for example…an insane decision.

The smarter move would have been to quarantine the vulnerable, and leave those less vulnerable to get about their lives and work and business.

Instead the medieval decision by idiots, has caused huge economic damage globally; accompanied by an unrelenting fear campaign.

The cult who is behind this fear campaign will pay a price too. There will be unintended consequences, which will be clearer when they try to lock us all down again come September. This little bunny is not playing their game any more…