I am looking for some insight from my fellow goldtenters. After the close on Friday GSV (which I have made some recent posts on) announced the filing of the technical report that was promised within 45 days from their May 1st initial mineral resource estimate. What I found to be annoying,  and possibly concerning is that although they filed and issued a press release, they didn’t release the report. When you go to the press release it directs you to contact the CEO of the company. I emailed the company yesterday, not sure as I will hear back since I asked if “they were playing games or hiding something”? My question to any of you who might be familiar with standard operating procedures with junior exploration companies, is there some proprietary reason why a company would withold the data? I have some thoughts on this, that may or may not play out with what I think might be going on. Since I expect to be making another post on GSV by tomorrow, I would welcome any thoughts you might have. Thanks. Chartsmaster