Northstar : I know and am sorry that your life has been tragically touched by this virus.

So please don’t take this as trivializing your experience. Again my condolences.

That IS a very interesting graphic.

Wow what technology for death statistics.

Covid had caused more deaths than a lot of “minor” categories .

But those other categories are NOT major causes of death

Where are Cancer and Heart Disease on the scale ?

And why stop in May….I bet it starts reversing in June…as all of those other categories (except flu) are perpetual while covid deaths are dropping.

Also some inconsistancies there

For instance Worldometer LIVE shows 11,000 people died from hunger so far today ( They uses eastern US Time as a template.)

So about 30,000 will die of malnutrition today…but 5,000 will die of covid….so that is not reflected in this graph correctly .

So far THIS year Worldometer shows 6,000,000 died from communicable diseases ( If covid is a communicable disease about 8% of these deaths were covid and 92% were not)

450,000 died with covid this year

4,000,000 Died from Cancer This Year ( not on this graphic)

2,000,000 Died from Smoking this year

1,000,000 Died from Alcohol this year

460,000 died from Malaria this year ( same as covid but covid deaths will diminish and malaria will not)

500,000 died from suicide this year ( more than covid but suicides will escalate and covid diminish)

800,000 died from HIV ( double covid but you never hear about it and nobody is doing anything about it apparently)

3,500,000 children under 5 died so far this year ( Potential lives snuffed out before they began while covid stamps out spent lives for the most part)

220,000 seasonal flu deaths this year…half of covid …which is significant but again nobody monitors this daily….and no one was ever locked down for a bad flu season.

And the Bottom line 27,000,000 deaths this year

98.4% of these people Did NOT die from Covid

Unless You and your social circle and family have been directly affected by a covid death, one could say that in the grand scheme of things for most of the almost 8 Billion people on earth the number of deaths by covid is trivial….but the reaction to these particular deaths is anything but.

Paraphrasing Stalin

“Each death is a tragedy but Millions of deaths is a statistic”)