This is a war between the cabal and humanity, through divide and conquer.

Who are the cabal? Here is two of them. The rest you could fit in a small room versus over 7 billion on the planet. And who has the upper hand?

Come the Northern Autumn and Winter, the second global lock-down is inevitable.

When the cold and flu season starts, these will be classified as Covid-19, by rigging the numbers.

The second lock-down is essential, as the cabal want the vaccine to be mandatory.

In order to escape this next lock-down, the vaccine and digital proof will be mandatory.

We are ruled by psychopaths (banks which are owned by the cabal) and run by idiots (politicians who have been bought by the cabal).

The only way to stop this, is for folks to stop acquiescing to their authority. Authority which tells folks what to believe, what to do and how to live. Authority serves the people, not people serving authority … so they can can stick their damn woke virus rules and vaccine and digital ID where the sun does not shine!

If enough people decide not to acquiesce, this whole fraud comes to an end.


Folks need to think. Its not what is happening that is important. It is why its happening.

Once the why can be seen for what it is, then you start to get context.

Question: Who is funding the BLM organisation?

Hint: They are all white blokes, and they do not give a shit about blacks. Their agenda is to divide and rule, as unity is their worst nightmare.