The Virus “Scare” was all a Big Fat Scam….perpetuated by an Overzealous Media , Public Health Goons and Bill Gates Big Pharma !

And swallowed hook line and sinker by most of the Worlds Political “Leaders” and their billions of serfs.

We went from extreme caution and lockdown and social distancing to THIS…. in 8 Minutes !

If YOU are NOT outraged by this turn of events …then you have been assimilated by the Borg and are no longer a useful functioning human IMO ! You deserve to be “chipped” now and submitted to complete control by your masters. You are irrelevant to those of us who still have a FUNCTIONING brain and the Will to overcome this complete madness.

Someone needs to Start a mass demonstration against this unfathomable crime against humanity. I will be glad to purchase a Ruger and join the fray.

Some people have been fired from thier jobs for daring to go “one better”…”ALL Lives Matter”

And ALL lives have been thrown into turmoil by this Fraud !

Where is the Outrage ?

Sheesh Squared !

This article is fantastic and says it all. If you don’t agree…EXPLAIN how we went from Strict Lockdowns to Mass Gatherings in 8 minutes..If you even try to…I will bite your sorry head off !

Explain how come after 10 days of mass gatherings and singing and looting and freaking out where thousands are swimming in eachother’s spit the “numbers” are dropping everywhere in the USA.

It’s because viruses run their course …many have cross immunity from the common cold antibodies. Like everything in life this thing waxes and then it wanes .

What a way to End a “Pandemic”