Our shutdown and social distancing stuff came from a 2006 national science competition, sponsored by Intel Corp., in a paper paper written by a high school sophomore in Albuquerque that modeled how to stop influenza outbreaks by closing schools, etc. Below are the links to New York Times and Chicago Tribune coverage. Her dad is a computer modeler at Sandia Lab and helped her simulations. Most interesting is how the Bush administration picked it up and incorporated it into their epidemic response strategy. It is what existed when Birx and Fauci jumped on Covid. Of course, there wasn’t any assessment of collateral damage that could be caused to the economy, mental health, etc. because it was a theoretical science project paper. The lady is 28 now and won’t be interviewed (understandably) but her dad is doing interviews. This is not conspiracy theory; it’s all right there to see and read. We’re breaking new ground with our shutdown and creating the “science” such as it is. There are four categories below to pick from for your reading. (Links in the first comment)